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This article is part of a series highlighting the trailblazing successes of Indo Canadians who have created pathways of people-to-people collaboration between India and Canada yielding remarkable results thus inspiring the local community and bringing the two countries closer together.

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Anjali Menon, Co-Founder of Medic Foundation

Anjali is a recent graduate of biomedical engineering at the University of British Columbia and Co-Founder of the MEDIC Foundation, a BC based registered non-profit organization. Anjali is the 2023 Recipient of the Diana Award, BC Woman of the Year Rising star 2023 and Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation’s Top Female Engineering Student 2024. She founded the Medic Foundation while still at university to innovate and advocate for Chronic illnesses.

Since its inception in April 2020, MEDIC strives to bridge the gap between medical engineering and patient care, focusing particularly on enhancing the accessibility of healthcare technology for those diagnosed with chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s, Cancer, Crohn’s disease, and Diabetes. Significant ongoing research projects aim to develop advanced technologies like real-time monitoring systems for Crohn’s disease and anti-anxiety wristbands for Parkinson’s patients. The success of these projects is evidenced by numerous accolades from competitions and recognitions across various platforms. Furthermore, the Foundation’s commitment to community engagement is exemplified by its Care Companions Program, which connects youth volunteers with seniors across the province to offer companionship and identify new avenues for biomedical innovation.

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Anjali Menon speaking at an event

Anjali is very familiar with the Canadian health care system and is also experienced in caring for chronic health diseases since she has close family members who have suffered from them. She cofounded the Medic Foundation with Madhini Vigneswaran precisely after experiencing the challenges of caregiving and with her medical training she decided to combine her training with her values to develop an innovative Care Program. She shares her values and inspiration in the following words, “Growing up in Vancouver after moving from India at the age of two, I was raised within a tapestry of Indo-Canadian culture that profoundly shaped my identity and values. My parents, who arrived in Canada on work permits, diligently built a close-knit network with other Indian families, creating a community that offered tremendous support not only to me but also to my younger sister. This environment of about ten families became our extended kin, providing a foundational support system that was instrumental in my upbringing. These family friends, intertwined through shared experiences and cultural bonds, ensured that every weekend gathering, and cultural celebration was an immersive experience in Indian traditions, practices, and languages. This consistent engagement instilled in me a deep respect for our heritage and the diverse tapestry of the community around us. This appreciation for diversity and community is not merely a personal trait but a professional principle that I carry into every venture, including my academic and career aspirations in biomedical engineering and beyond. It informs my approach to creating inclusive environments wherever I am, recognizing the strength that lies in diverse perspectives.”

medic foundation
Visit their website to know more about Medic Foundation

MEDIC is spearheaded by a dedicated team of over 60 volunteers who drive its mission forward through several key programs. The MEDIC Foundation is poised to play a significant role in enhancing Indo-Canadian collaboration, particularly in the domain of senior care—an area of growing concern and necessity within the community. Many Indo-Canadians, like others who have immigrated, face unique challenges in caregiving, especially given the cultural transition from a context like India, where familial support and household help are more readily available, to Canada, where such resources are often limited or non-existent. This transition places a substantial burden on individuals who must juggle their professional responsibilities with the demanding role of caregiving for elderly family members, many of whom may suffer from chronic illnesses. Understanding these challenges, the MEDIC Foundation can extend its innovative approach through its Care Companions Program to specifically address the needs of the Indo-Canadian community. This program could be tailored to foster intergenerational collaboration, creating opportunities for young volunteers within the community to engage with seniors. Such engagement not only provides necessary companionship that can significantly enhance the quality of life and mental well-being of the elderly but also instills a sense of responsibility and community service in the youth. Furthermore, integrating this program within the Indo-Canadian context could serve as a model for cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, showing how healthcare innovation can be adapted to meet the specific needs of diverse populations.

Anjali seems inspiring and unstoppable as she finishes saying, “By promoting and facilitating these connections, MEDIC not only contributes to the immediate well-being of individuals but also helps to weave a stronger social fabric, empowering all community members to take active roles in healthcare.” More power to you Anjali and thank you for sharing your thoughts and vision with ATI Vancouver

Visit Anjali’s website to know more about her.


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