Community Life – Mantra to Good Health and Happiness

No man is an island

No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…

— John Donne

The Covid19 pandemic has tested our resilience and thirst for human contact…virtual technology went
viral in our search for social life. The pandemic has taught us this if nothing else…we are happy when we
are together with others.

Immigrants particularly benefit from community life. They learn with the help of the valuable
information received from others about employment, housing, finance, education and culture. They feel
empowered by accessing the know-how and experience of others. Getting engaged also provides a
much-needed sense of belonging.

Leaders provide the vision and innovative means for communities to succeed. Successful initiatives are
those which are inclusive and invite everyone’s participation be they big or small. The journey is as
important or more than the end achieved.

The Indian community is typically very social. We love our gatherings, festivals and celebrations. Our
friends and family spill into our homes and we love to share. A fundamental principle of our Indian ethos is to teach ourselves put others over self (‘aham’). The spiritual viewpoint is that we are born just to
learn this because we are all part of the one cosmos and separations or divisions are artificial. Well
community life is the means to do this. If community leaders are able to put aside our ego and forgive
even those who wronged us, they then win the true love of the people, then the cycle of hatred finally
comes to an end and communities truly thrive.

The key to successful community life is to give. Your time, your knowledge and your trust. Sharing your
resources multiplies the benefits for everyone. We all bring a different set of strengths. Laughing
together is the best medicine.

Successful countries are built on successful close-knit communities that are there for each other in the
spirit of mutual support. Community is the wonderful magic mantra to good health and happiness.


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