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arriving from india to vancouver

ATI Vancouver welcomes you to Canada! Vancouver is a melting pot for so many immigrants from all over the world. The percentage of Indians migrating to Canada has increased tremendously in the last ten years.

Before you begin your next big chapter, take a look at the four major tips to help you with your journey in your new country. These tips can help you settle faster in Canada.

1. Join Professional Platforms

The most common professional platforms in Canada are used not only for job seeking but also to interact like-minded individuals and people working in similar industries as you. Platforms like Indeed, Workopolis and LinkedIn are the most used portals to start your career in Canada. Search for professional groups on LinkedIn. You can find some interesting groups on Meetup also.

2. Build your Resume/CV

Building a resume and/or curriculum Vitae can be made easy with simple templates available easily on the Government of Canada website and Indeed. They can help you create your professional resume according to what is commonly used in Canada. It is best to have a maximum of 2 pages and make sure it’s not too “crowded” or “wordy.” Reach out to a Human resources personnel within the community to review your resume for you – there are many people that genuinely offer their services. The Government of Canada website also has a section in planning your career and to learn more about occupations in Canada.

Resume Templates

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Career Planning

3. Network

Networking in Canada is a casual affair. You can meet up at a nearby Starbucks and make an important connection. Ideally, people prefer messages or emails before they meet someone or agree to talk on a call. Punctuality is important in these scenarios, and it is polite to offer to pay during the meetup if it involves food and beverages. Time is an important commodity and people are careful who to share their time with. The aim of these meetups is not always to seek a job position but can also be used to understand the organization or the hiring process. Asking for a job, unless it is being offered to you, at a first meeting with a stranger is not considered polite. LinkedIn,, Facebook public events, local Facebook Indian Community groups are a great way to network and look for professional connections and new friends.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering your time to the local community in Canada is a great way to understand the culture and work ethics in Canada. You can look for Volunteering Opportunity in Indian Community in Vancouver or outside the community. It is also a way to meet new people from different walks of life and a variety of cultures. Vancouver is a melting pot for so many immigrants from all over the world – use that to your advantage by seeking volunteer events in and around the city. Check out India Cultural Association (ICA) Of Vancouver if you would like to volunteer for the community based not for profit organization

5. Participate & get involved with the community

Feel free to check out our events section and participate in them. We post events where everyone feels welcome, attending those events you will feel to have a small piece of the homeland in Vancouver. You can also follow ATI Vancouver on social media (Facebook & Instagram) to get yourself updated with the Indian Community Buzz.


Credits: Written by Pooja Relekar. Edited by Neeraj Kumar. This article was originally posted on Vancouver Indian Forum


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