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“As long as I have a good product, my audience will find me” approach will not work says Pradyumn Gupta. He says “the key to successful marketing is understanding your audience”. Pradumn emphasizes to connect with your audience:

✅ By learning about their needs, preferences, and behaviours, you can create marketing campaigns that resonate with them and drive results.

✅ From demographics to psychographics, personalization to empathy, understanding your audience can be a game changer.

✅ Don’t waste your marketing budget on flat messages, emails, Ad campaigns, billboards, social media etc. Instead, invest in understanding your audience and watch your engagement and ROI soar.

✅ Start building stronger connections with your customers today by truly understanding what makes them tick.

Know thyself, Know the customer – Know, and Innovate!

Source: LinkedIn Post by Pradyumn Gupta


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