The Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada: A Successful Collaborative Space

bhhaskar s de indo pacific foundation

This article is part of a series highlighting the trailblazing successes of Indo Canadians who have created pathways of people-to-people collaboration between India and Canada yielding remarkable results thus inspiring the local community and bringing the two countries closer together.

Bhhaskar S De is the Founder and CEO of the Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada aiming to connect and support businesses from Indo Pacific countries that are operating in Canada. His lofty ambitions stem from his numerous accomplishments in India, USA and Canada. Bhhaskar studied Law in India followed by an MBA from the Cardiff University. He had an illustrious career in India working for Reliance Industries, Timem Warner Group, Endemol Shine and other international companies. His rising career at Zee Enterprises brought him to Canada. In 2020 Bhhaskar took a short break from work to attend film and television production courses at UCLA and then a Master of Laws specializing in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management at the Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. Bhhaskar returned to Vancouver recently and is currently the Head of Marketing, Communication & Business Development at Remedios & Company & Faley Law Corporation. He shared his dreams for this new Foundation which is likely to interest and inspire everyone in the local Indian community in Metro Vancouver. Bhhaskar passionately believes that the work of his Foundation will make a big impact and the sky is the limit.

bhhaskar s de
Bhhaskar S De is the Founder and CEO of the Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada

The Indo-Pacific Foundation of Canada was born in January 2024 as a not-for-profit society with a strategic commitment to nurturing trade and dialogue among diaspora communities from Indo-Pacific countries living in Canada. Their objective is to help businesses from these communities to collaborate more and thrive together. The focus of their work is on immigrant entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking opportunities in BC and Canada, as well as those looking to expand and export their ideas/products to Indo-Pacific countries. Their membership is supported by representatives from established local institutions such as BDC, CIBC, BMO, and Pacific Link College. The Board Members of this society are dedicated to support businesses and carefully formed committees are focused on areas such as housing, banking, settlement and health. They aim to create a framework of support for small businesses to acquire professional training, educational seminars, legal assistance and other professional support services. They are planning to offer a wide variety of programs.

International Yoga Day Celebrations

On June 23 rd this year the Foundation will celebrate International Day of Yoga with mindfulness workshops and thought-provoking discussions at the Bear Creek Park from 7 am to 10 am. “This is the first initiative towards a Fitter Canada” says Bhhaskar. The Foundation will raise funds for charity.

yoga day indo pacific foundation of canada
Yoga Day Organized by Indo Pacific Foundation of Canada

Bhhaskar noted that the Indo Pacific Foundation also aims to support green initiatives through its philanthropic arm. Specifically, mentorship and support will be provided to entrepreneurs who pitch green tech ventures.

The strength of this Foundation is in its membership and enormous local support in Metro Vancouver. “This is not just a cultural organization”, is Bhhaskar’s refreshing reminder and he means business. Visit their website to know more about them.


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