Sarvangasana | Yoga Poses



  • Lie on the back and relax completely. 
  • Inhale as in complete Yogic breathing, then whilst inhaling slowly, raise the legs, hips and trunk in a continuous movement until vertical. 
  • Take normal breaths here. Then raise the legs (knees straight) and hips by supporting the arms on the ground then bend the elbows and hold the trunk in the hands. In this position the chin is buried in the sternum (upper chest).
  • Practice abdominal respiration and retain the position for as long as is comfortable.
  • Direct the attention to the thyroid gland.
  • To return to the starting position, gently lower the trunk, pelvis, and legs, and relax on the ground. 
  • Do not get up to the standing position immediately after Sarvangasana or any other inverted posture. Relax in Savasana, allowing the blood circulation to return to normal

Counter Pose: Matsyasana


  • Those with high blood pressure should avoid doing this asana. Before performing this Asana, one should completely relax.  
  • Persons suffering from eye trouble should avoid this asana
  • Women should not do it during menstruation as the blood released at this time is often very acidic and a back-flow could damage the womb. 
  • Do not practice it if you feel dizzy or have palpitation while performing it.


In this posture, the thyroid receives an abundant supply of fresh blood. Regular practice of this Asana will make the symptoms of premature aging, produced by thyroid disorders, completely disappear. One regains youthful vigour, wrinkles soften, and the body stays supple to a very great age. 


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